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Nexgen, 7 Northampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6DU.
Tel: 0121 200 1302     Fax: 0121 200 1303       Email: sales@nexgenprecisioncasting.co.uk

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Nexgen is a jewellery casting company based in Birmingham with a long established reputation spanning over 25 years within the jewellery casting industry. We are at the heart of the jewellery trade based in the famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.


We pride ourselves on the reputation we have gained, based upon our promise to deliver superior jewellery castings with a rapid turnaround and friendly approach.


Whether it is for a one off, quantities or even just advice you need, we are always very happy to help. Assuring you at all times that your jewellery casting designs are treated with the strictest confidentiality and care.


We can take any form of pattern to reproduce or replicate this. Traditionally metal or wax models are supplied as master patterns for the casting process; however with our latest moulding techniques we can copy virtually any shape or material and replicate it in Silver, Gold or Brass with prices starting from 49p!!


We have many designers already within our customer base, each introduced to us on recommendation and as you can see from the comments made in the “testimonials” section, we’re confident we can help with your project.


Our aim is to help you succeed in a growing specialist market, by supplying the best.


For any further information for your jewellery casting needs, or to discuss placing your first order, please click Contact Us button.

Welcome To Nexgen
Casting Fine Jewellery for Generations.

sterling silver shell using nexgen jewellery castings process
Nexgen Jewellery Casting of Gold
Vacuum Casting of Jewellery
Pine cones replicated into jewellery by castings process

Treasure your memories


...by turning your memories into treasures

We all have those items we like to keep which remind us of our happy memories, imagine being able to transform them into precious metal to keep forever, sentimental and more valuable than ever before....


The possibilities are endless, we can reproduce almost any item into precious metal through our impeccable jewellery casting process. For example, a shell off the beach may hold special memories for you and your partner, for an anniversary, imagine it replicated in gold or silver as the perfect gift!

Whatever item is special to you and those close to you, make it more so with Treasured Memories....

Let Nexgen provide you with quality jewellery castings.