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Design and Realisation

Your aim : Develop my design idea into a physical jewellery item.

Our aim: To help you every step of the way to realising a finished product ready for retail. Our in house designers can help take your idea from a simple sketch through to a manufacture ready prototype. Not only can we help develop the design, look and feel of your idea we can also create your very own jewellery prototype completely unique to you. We work closely with you to ensure that your design can be produced to high standards and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process, whilst also recognising cost economics.


We can produce your design via computer aided design. This is a great way to see exactly how your design will look before taking it forward for manufacture. You’ll be able to see a 3D scale drawing of your design and if needed we can tweak it until it’s perfect. On your approval, the design is printed in wax using a 3D printer and then cast into metal. This casting becomes your own unique master model for your design.

Model Making

Technology isn’t always the only route forward, you may want a handcrafted feel to your design and that’s where our bench jewellers shine. We have a team of talented jewellery craftsmen that can create your design in metal. A handcrafted model is usually best for designs that are more organic and textured.