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Mould Production

Moulds are a key element in jewellery casting – we wouldn’t get very far without them!

A mould is needed to replicate a design in quantity.

A master model is required to create a mould for your design, you can either post your model to us or drop it off in person to our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter.

We use different types of vulcanised rubber moulds for different materials. Some designs are delicate and cannot withstand the heat that a normal mould would be subject to, in this instance a liquid mould may be required. Our rubber moulds start from £12 and liquid start from £24.


A sprue (a round wire length) is added to your design to enable us to inject the mould with wax. We offer in house spruing if you are unsure or unable to add the spru to your design yourself. If you would like to have a go yourself then we are more than happy to offer some guidance! Our sprue charge starts from £6 depending on how complex. Your moulds are your property once paid for and you are free to take them away whenever you please. If you plan to place repeat orders regularly we recommend that you store them on site with us for speed and efficiency. We offer free secure cool storage**(See notes).

Note: **If an account remains inactive for three years the moulds will be safely and confidentially destroyed.